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our values

 industrie clothiers in Olympia, Washington
we carry a thoughtful, edited selection of your favorite contemporary brands. our product mix is ever evolving, and there is always something new to see!
everyone is unique. let us help you discover your true style.
our mission is to make your shopping experience effortless. we know your life is busy with many tasks to juggle and hats to wear.
let us help! our stylists can create a quick outfit or an entire new wardrobe. whatever your needs may be, please let us know how we can best assist you.

we negotiate great prices; you get all the savings. when our suppliers offer us a discount on our products we pass the savings on to our customers. 
industrie clothiers in Olympia, Washington 
industrie was created for the "worker bee" who orchestrates the infinite details of daily life but still manages to prioritize the relationships that matter most. at its best, industrie fosters community, mentorship and philanthropy among our customers.

giving back is an integral part of our business model. we support both individuals and organizations in our communities with fundraising efforts that are initiated by our customers. is there a cause you are passionate about? we offer exclusive shopping events for your party and will donate 10% of all sales from your event. if you are seeking a fundraising event we would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your organization!